My Purposeful Reflection

While watching a YouTube video last night, I heard an Internet Marketer express his vision in a way that made me think of a recent discussion with guests on my radio show. (In case you didn’t know, I am host of BOLD TALK BUSINESS RADIO, which airs on AM 1300 WMEL in Central Florida and streams worldwide at

YouTuber and Internet marketer to the music community, Lee Beattie had said in his online video, “My Why is to educate a macro community that funds a micro community that feeds a community. His words summed up the conversation a small group of us began in the conference room at WMEL Radio after our 03.28.15 show.

My own mission is to educate and inspire people to acknowledge their own potential for growth, success and satisfaction in life and work. Over my life, I have learned that outer success is deeply linked with people’s view of themselves and the world around them.

Almost 15 years ago, I became conscious of my desire to help people feel good about who they are and what they do, regardless of their circumstances. My work since has centered on sharing tools for making that happen. Just as art triggers emotions because the creator’s expression mirrors an emotional landscape and responds to the artist’s sense of the communities around them, the same can be said of technical innovators who beat to the drum of community and consumer needs. Simply put, thoughts and beliefs fuel our feelings and our feelings influence what we do. It helps to be conscious of how that works. My goal is to help people become more mindful of thoughts and feelings so they develop the kind of inner mastery that empowers their outer success.

During my post-radio-show conversation with investments attorney Russell Weigel (author of Capital for Keeps: Limit Litigation Risk While Raising Capital and Preston Tesvich, co-developer of Hiro (a Bluetooth beacon for finding lost keys) and director of business development for JayCon Systems, I suggested the importance of encouraging critical thinking when divergent groups try to collaborate. Over the years, I’ve worked on many committees comprising diverse viewpoints, varying group dynamics, and varying degrees of group success. My observations show that the key predictors of success have largely been shared sense of purpose, agreement on strategy and people committed to the heavy lifting. Powerful change requires real work. That work also requires cultivation of inner and outer resources for success, especially what I call conscious communication—clear, consistent, focused, intentional communication—that leads to desired win-win outcomes.

If you are considering a collaborative venture—a business or personal relationship, an investment, or a community partnership—start by exploring where and how your purpose, resources, connections, and approach to life intersect. Also understand that in a collaboration, each party must bring valuable resources to the table. Consider the value you bring and the value you expect from others. That will help you determine the best way to collaborate for win-win-win outcomes. Also be sure that the projects you decide to work on make sense in the ecology of your own life and business. Time and money invested are limited commodities.

SpaceFlight Insider Launches Success in a Changing Online Market

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Jason Rhian, senior editor and founder of Spaceflight Insider, an online journal covering the space industry. While space is his game, marketing is mine, and I found his unique approach to media marketing in a changing advertising environment quite novel. Read on to learn how he does it …

Spaceflight Insider, a relative newcomer to the space industry media scene, hit the ground running. While operating on a shoestring budget from a handful of supporters, the team got creative. By freely sharing high-quality content for almost a year, Spaceflight Insider has captured increased attention, and the publication’s focus on editorial integrity over advertising sales has lent credibility to the operation. Because Website traffic drives online success, directing visitors to the site became the team’s primary strategy, and the social-media savvy team got cranking.

“We are gaining new visitors everyday,” said Jason Rhian, senior editor and founder. “We’ve now get several hundred thousand unique visitors every month who are viewing our content, and that excites sponsors who gain visibility along with us.”

“We found early on that the traditional advertising model was dead, so we looked at how we could drive value for sponsors,” said Rhian. The team turned to novel revenue streams for an online publication. Instead of charging for direct advertising space, they bill for outside services, such as audio-visual production, newsletters, and photography stills that sponsors want for their own businesses. The sponsors pay for those specialty services, and in turn earn a spot on the SpaceFlight Insider website.

From the start, the revenue concept presented concerns for Rhian: He believes that as a journalistic outfit, Spaceflight Insider is obliged to remain unbiased, so the company is sometimes forced to decline posting otherwise interesting news and feature articles if the content could be viewed as promoting sponsors who sign up for services.

“Some outlets have abandoned their duty to stay unbiased and have knowingly entered into direct conflicts of interest,” Rhian said. “We have told our sponsors flat out that we will not violate core journalistic tenets to garner sales.”

Another challenge was the pricing itself. “To get off the ground, we started by charging about a tenth of the cost of what our services actually retailed for,” Rhian added. “While this pricing strategy took more time to build revenue, it helped us get in the game. It also gave us a chance to gain our footing and demonstrate what we could do.”

The company’s efforts have worked. “We now have a very pleasant relationship with, for example, Space Florida, Flexure Engineering, and the Florida International Business school, and other companies such as Space Shirts in Merritt Island, FL. We help get them what they want. If they need us to, we’ll go out and shoot stills and video for them, or assist with another project. We ask our sponsors to pay a reasonable flat rate for whichever media products they need. This approach has turned into a win-win for our sponsors and for us. We believe the Spaceflight Insider business model will prove profitable in both the short and long terms,” Rhian told me.

So my friend, you now know how Spaceflight Insider generates business in challenging times. The company discarded an age-old revenue model in favor of a new path. Are you inspired to think beyond the box, too? If so, let me know what you will do to shift the marketing odds in your favor. I look forward to hearing from you and will consider posting your success story here at, too. Keep me apprised of your news. Best of luck!


JASON RHIAN, FOUNDER AND SENIOR EDITOR OF SPACEFLIGHT INSIDER departed a career in law enforcement to pursue his dream of bringing the story of space exploration to the world.