“The beginning of a habit is like an invisible thread,
but every time we repeat the act, we strengthen the strand,
add to it another filament until it becomes a great cable
and binds us irrevocably in thought and act.”
— Orison Swett Marden

“Immerse Yourself in All Good Thoughts.”
— Donna Anselmo

I started this blog August 13, 2009  to connect readers with the mindset of “All Good Thoughts.” I wanted to share the philosophy that life, success and satisfaction revolves around choice. When we choose good thoughts—instead of the negative or self-defeating thoughts that catapult us into vicious cycles, unhappy relationships and unwelcome events—we propel ourselves toward the life and results we want. We find more reasons for joy and may inspire others to take the joy-ride with us while we hold the space for even more positive outcomes. For an example of how this works, read my blog entry Wrestling with an Email Closing? Choose All Good Thoughts.

While I was bringing other good thoughts to fruition, I didn’t get back to this blog for several years. (Thank you WordPress for holding my space.) Meanwhile, I wrote Marketing Demystified, a 380-page how-to book and was blessed to have McGraw-Hill as my publisher. I also wrote a few other pieces slated for publication in the near future, traveled a lot between Florida and New York, worked on a number of client projects, helped plan weddings for two of my children, nursed my dog through  a shattered ankle, and encouraged my husband to plan his retirement. Through it all, I took lots of time to relax, refresh and rekindle thoughts about my personal purpose and mission. While my Website—www.BoldMarketingSolutions.com—is dedicated to business services, I intend for this blog to share thoughts — and thoughts about thoughts — with the power to positively impact lives. Let’s use BoldBlogger to share All Good Thoughts and information so that this world, and the people in it, will become happier, more resilient, build better relationships, uncover and practice strategies for success, and create more joy in their life and work. While BoldBlogger focuses on sharing information about positivity and personal development, we’ll also share news, information and inspiration for business success, too.

Enjoy! And please stay in touch.

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