Insight to Overcoming Fear: A New Resource

Most people periodically experience a prickle of fear in new situations or when dealing with events that have provoked fear and unpleasant outcomes for them in the past. For many, it’s like standing alone on a giant iceberg, frozen in place and shivering instead of finding the heat torch in hand that will melt your fear and spark the power you need to push through.

In the Extraordinary Self© Development Program, and the upcoming e-Learning classes you’ll soon find on our new e-Learning portal (watch for the link), we speak about confidence—the natural cure for fear—and where it comes from. Thanks to a trend started in the 80s to boost children’s self esteem with praise for every effort no matter how effective, we’ve grown a generation of people who believe that whatever they do is good enough. But what happens when they get to a corporate job and their work really isn’t praise worthy? Or they enter into a relationship and it falls apart? Or they start a business without the right skill set? And they fail? Will the old pat-on-the-back that got them through high school be enough to sustain their belief in themselves and the ability to push forward despite the reality of harsh feedback? Probably not. They’ll need to develop the framework for real confidence so they can get back on track when they fall off.

Reality speaks a different language than the soft touch some of us were reared with. Happily, the message for change doesn’t need to be harsh. Life is what it is; we have the power to decide what we do about it. Reality language doesn’t need to be harsh; it just needs to be practical. Feedback is the key to learning! True confidence is built on the blocks of one-step-at-a-time learning that gets desired results. Each little step forward rings its own little bell of success. The more little rings you hear in your head, the greater —and truer—your confidence will be going forward. Continue reading

The BoldBlogger Returns Soon to AM Radio

Donna Anselmo, aka, The BoldBlogger, CEO, Bold Marketing Solutions, Inc., (Melbourne, FL); and host of BOLDTALK Business Radio© which aired on WMEL between 2009 and 2011, will return to  AM1300 WMEL, The Talk to Me Station.

Listen to Donna on occasional segments of the popular Information Overload Hour with station owner/president John Harper. Donna is expected to air May 29 between 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM. Stay tuned for more broadcast dates.

Learn about the power of radio during a planned interview in which Donna will uncover radio secrets and stories as told by John Harper. When BOLDTALK Business Radio© returns to the air after a long hiatus, Donna also will deliver high quality content, insight, strategies, tips and tools for success, in keeping with the prior iteration of this show.

Want to do a radio spot?
If you have a business or professional development topic you would like to discuss with Donna on BOLDTALK Business Radio©, please email Donna at: